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Testgelände WildenrathGNSS reference and calibration field: a dedicated terminal loop with a length of about 550 m has been selected inside the railGATE facility at the SIEMENS Prüf- und Validationcenter (PCW) Wegberg-Wildenrath, Germany. Six referenced observation poles are being set up along the tracks carrying laser scanners or tachymeters in order to form a precise geodesic observation network. A special designed electrical driven rail vehicle (gang car) is being built as transportation platform to carry the measurement equipment as well as the devices under test (DUT). While the vehicle is driving along the geodetic surveyed tracks the entire system forms a quasi 3D-invariant in space.

gang car

With this reference configuration any kind of positioning unit like GNSS receivers etc. can be tested even dynamically at an adjustable constant speed up to 25 km/h or even under accelerations. Beside of being part of the 3D-reference system, the vehicle will also be integrated into the well-defined environment of the railGATE facility by using the Galileo pseudolites system. Finally, inertial sensors (INS) are also mounted to the vehicle so all forces and accelerations can be measured at any time in any direction with time- and position-stamps along the test drive. Already we have received first registrations.
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