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A great thing is to be able to drive a company car for many employees. However the treasury considered this cash benefit which must be taxed. For this, two procedures are approved: logbook or the 1-percent method. Many opt for the less expensive lump-sum taxation monthly a percent of gross lists price. It is comfortable, can be but also really expensive.

A change to the log book is especially recommended when these two points come together:

  • the company car has a comparatively high new price
  • It is used only little for private trips.

Is this the case, the annual savings can be significant. So the savings is one

  • Small cars up to EUR 900 p.a.,
  • Medium-sized cars of up to 2,000 EUR per annum and
  • Upper class cars of up to 4,500 EUR p.a.

The system GEObox smart meets the legal requirements for a proper logbook. The principle is simple and effective: A GEObox placed in the car, which reliably records each drive with start and end point, date, time, and number of kilometers. The collected data are forwarded to a data center and are accessible via a browser over the Internet. The purpose of the trip, as well as customer name is added promptly. So it is easily possible to make a complete logbook. Easy and cheap at the price from 12,95 EUR net per month per vehicle.


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