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GEOmeter MX handheld

The new version of the GEOmeter MX family is a Handheld receiver.


handheld-einzelbildThe advantages are all „in your hand":

  •   free use of DGPS-corrections by EGNOS

  • precise measurement without seperate antenna connection

  • just one battery for power supply of Recon® and GPS

  • accuracy better than a meter in realtime

  • working without cable connections or radio data

  • solid, ergonomical designed enclosure




A combination of tablet PC and GPS in one instrument.



The modern GPS-receiver is a product of the Hemisphere company from Canada. It gets an accuracy up to 0.8 m (rms) in position.

The connection to the Recon® is provided by the CF card slot. The known dust- and waterprotection of the Recon® survives also with attached GPS-Modul.

The COAST-Technology developed by Hemisphere can bridge a blackout of signal up to 40 minutes without a great loss of accuracy.

The Recon® PDA is avaliable in different power categories. Practical design and powerful functionality are the trade mark of the new GEOmeter MX model. Where ever you work, with the handheld-version, you are „on air" immediately.